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Genre: Hard Reality - Experiment

Length: Prime Time

Country: Italy

60 days imprisoned; € 200.000 at stake.

20 contestants, 5 celebs and 5 marginalized persons for each of the two sections: male and female. Only in communal spaces, the two groups can meet and choose recreational and workshop activities.

In each cell 2 contestants: 1 celeb and 1 marginalized.


Jail will change them. Jail will give them a life lesson. We will live passions, rancor, discouragement, alliances. 60 days to reflect upon their lives. They will be observed and spied on.

Every week each participants will give their nomination in order to point out the worst. The viewing public will establish the one. Each week the warden of the jail will decide which one is the best and will assign relative awards and punishments.


In the last episode the viewing public will decide the winner of the final prize.

100.000 € to the most voted by the viewing public among the celebs; 100.000 € to the most voted by the viewing public among the marginalized persons.

The celeb will treasure this lived experience, in fact he/she will donate the prize to a prison of his/her choice. JAIL… awaiting trial

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